Balloon Orchestra

Balloon Orchestra

The Balloon Orchestra

Balloon Orchestra is a fun and interactive balloon game to icebreaker and energizer the group before starting a new activity.

Distribute one balloon to each person in your group. Invite each person to play with their own balloon.

Everyone holds an inflated, but un-tied balloon in their hands, standing behind a line at one end of a hall or playing field. One at a time, each person lets go of their balloon to let it splutter and ‘horsey’ as far away from the line as possible.

Have several attempts, the balloon reaching the furthest distance wins.

Everyone re-inflates the balloon as large as reasonable, ties them off, and assembles in a semi-circle formation facing you, the ‘conductor.’ You divide your assembly into four or five smaller groups, each representing a unique section of the orchestra which is asked to make a unique sound with their balloons.

For example, one section rubs their balloons, another may pull on the neck of the balloon and let it go, while a third group may tap their balloons with their fingers.
Instruct each section to do a quick sound test, and then raise your baton to command a royal philharmonic performance.

Bring each section in individually, raise their volume, then soften them, etc, etc, finally building to a crescendo (don’t pop them yet!) and stop!… silence. Repeat the instructions, building to a crescendo and finally pop the balloons at the same time.

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