The 30 Circles

The 30 Circles

The 30 Circles Challenge

This activity is called The 30 Circles Challenge, and it is an icebreaker designed to encourage creative confidence. It is a great activity to start a brainstorming session, or a session to solve a complex problem.

Give each participant one of the 30 Circles worksheets and something to write with. Ask them to turn as many of the circles as possible into a recognizable object in 3 minutes.

30 Circles Challenge

You can give the example of a sun or a smiling face, but give no other instructions.

After 3 minutes, compare results! Ask how many people filled in 10, 15, 20 or more circles? Ask for some examples. Did participants use patterns (for example, multiple sports balls)? Did anyone “break the rules” and combine circles?

Share and reflect what similarities there were and encourage collaboration. The motive behind the 30 circles is to stop yourself from self-censoring.

When you go for quantity, you don’t have time to think your idea is bad, you can edit later. This is the stage where creativity flourishes.

Moment of Reflection
  • Were the rules stated clearly? Did anyone assume the rules were more strict?
  • If you “broke the rules,” how did you feel while you were doing it? Did you get worried the circles wouldn’t count?
  • Did you get stuck? What helped you break through, or what kept you from moving forward?
  • How can this activity help us think about how to be creative with our ideas in general?

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