Swift Swap

Swift Swap

Swift Swap Game

Swift Swap game is a icebreaker activity acts as a refresher for teams that are feeling drained and stressed out. This game is a great way to break up a long day and take everyone’s minds off work for a little while.

It also serves as a great team activity for groups that haven’t interacted for a long time or only know each other remotely.

It can be done with 10-20 people.

Participants will need to form two equal lines facing each other and are given observation period of 15 seconds. The game starts when one line turns around, giving the second line 30-40 seconds to change 10 things about themselves.

This can include anything from jewelry or clothing being swapped with other people, untied shoelaces, a different hair do, or a switched watch or ring to the other hand. All changes must be something the other group can see.

After 40 seconds, the first group turns around and tries to find all the changes the other group made. Once the changes have been recognized, the groups switch, giving each team a chance to make changes.

With this activity your team gets to practice time-sensitive non-verbal communication during the swapping phase.

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