Hear Me and Draw

Hear Me and Draw

The Hear Me and Draw Game

Hear Me and Draw game is a funny team building activity to play remotely, its purpose is to improve communication between people.

It involves everyone being in the same virtual meeting and one person given the responsibility of being the ‘speaker’. Everyone else in the room is known as ‘artists’.

The speaker must pick a random image and describe it in a way that the artists are able to draw it. The speaker must only describe the image using geometric shapes, making it challenging for the artists to understand.

The speaker chooses a simple image, and must describe it using geometric terms such as directions, degrees, lengths and shapes.

For example: the speaker says draw a long skinny vertical rectangle with three little horizontal rectangles of equal width of the vertical rectangle coming from the right side of the vertical rectangle to the right, with one at the top, one at the bottom, and one in the middle’, but not ‘write the letter E’.

The drawers listen to the directions and do their best to draw what they hear. A drawer can shout out what they think the picture is of at any time, and if they are right then they earn one point.

After the correct guess, all players show their drawing on screen. The next orador can be the drawer that guessed correctly, or any other member of the group.

Remember, with this game effective listening and articulating is key!

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