Draw Your Mood

Draw Your Mood

The Draw Your Mood Activity

Draw your mood is is a great icebreaker activity and help people on your team express their feelings and emotions. Thus, it is an ideal exercise to start a meeting by asking your group how they are or how their weekend went.

Instead of asking verbally, ask your team to draw how they are. Or, ask them to draw a simple picture of their weekend plans.

It’s a cool exercise that will get people’s creative juices flowing and energize them for the upcoming meeting.

If you’re running an online/hybrid meeting, use a virtual whiteboard, such as Miro, or an integrated whiteboard within the video conferencing platform that you use (such as Zoom Whiteboard).

Distribute sticky note notes and a sharpie for each participant. Write the following sentence on the canvas: “How do you feel?”

Ask participants: “Please draw something that better expresses how you feel right now, in the context of this meeting” (consider saying vehicle, animal, object, super-hero or view instead of “something”).

Ask participants to place their sticky note with the drawing on the common canvas, and, if they want, to say something about their drawing.

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2 thoughts on “Draw Your Mood

  1. This icebreaker is so ridiculous, what about people that do not want to discuss personal matters at work? I have had a rash of break-ins in my neighbourhood and the last thing I want to tell the people is I’m not going to be at home.

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