Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions

The Trivia Questions Game

Bring some of that fun and excitement to life with trivia questions that challenge and intrigue your team members. Taking part in an animated team-building trivia quiz can feel like you’re on your own game show.

There’s something so satisfying about guessing an answer correctly — especially if it’s not a topic you know that well.

This activity is a simple way to facilitate team building. Trivia is an easy way to encourage people to socialize with others they don’t usually associate with.

This game is great for building relationships and for practice creative thinking. You’ll need a microphone and loudspeaker, projector, a list of questions.

To play you will need to prepare a list of questions that you are going to ask your group. A quiz is only as great as its questions, so spend time searching for the ideal team-building trivia questions.

Think about whether this is a defined team-building exercise or part of your team culture going forward. A bonus of planning trivia quizzes: Finding questions that really suit your team members and what they enjoy can be a great way to get creative and take a break from your usual routine.

Players are divided into teams and each come up with a team name. Teams do their best to answer the questions correctly and the team with the most correct answers is the winner.

The bigger you make your trivia event the more enthusiastic people will be. That’s why we suggest setting up a large projector for displaying your questions and speaking into a microphone for that “game show” feel.

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