Equal Counts Breath

Equal Counts Breath

Equal Counts Breath Meditation

You can sharpen your focus with the Equal Counts Breath Meditation because it is a powerful and simple relaxation exercise for all groups.

Mindful breathing is an opportunity to help you and your group relax and focus on the physical sensations of your breath and body. Announce to your group that you will soon lead them through a brief exercise to help them relax and focus.

Facilitate the meditation step by step, making adjustments according to the needs of your group. You may want to conclude the meditation by inviting your group to reflect on their experience.

Equal Counts Breath Meditation
  • Once you are seated comfortably, take these next few seconds to relax. Loosen up your shoulders and feel the tension release from your body. Remember to keep your spine straight. Now, take a deep breath in and count.
  • Continue to breathe in until you feel your breath fill up your belly. Don’t force your breath – inhale for as long as is comfortable for you, whether that’s two seconds or six. Now, hold your breath for the same amount of time as your inhale.
  • Take this time to check in with your body. Is there any tension you can let go of?
  • Focus on the counts. If your mind wanders, feel free to count quietly to yourself.
  • When you’re ready, exhale for the same amount of time again.
  • Feel your breath traveling out through your mouth. Let go of anything that you no longer wish to hold on to.
  • Finally, hold this exhale for the same few seconds before breathing in and repeating this process. Repeat this equal breathing a few more moments, really feeling your body relax.
  • If you find it difficult to hold your breath or are forcing it, try a shorter time. The length of time does not matter, only that it is equal throughout.
  • Practice for a few more rounds at your own pace.
  • When complete, bring awareness to your fingers and toes, then when you’re ready you can open your eyes.
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This may be a good time to invite your group to participate in some group reflection.

Moment of Reflection
  • What did you like most about this activity?
  • What did you notice in your body?
  • What did you notice in your mind?
  • How did you feel before and after the activity?
  • Where did you notice tension?
  • Where did you notice ease?
  • What’s one word that describes your experience?
  • Where can you see yourself using this practice?
  • What did you find helpful about it?
  • What did you find hard about the activity?
  • Did your mind feel quiet or busy?
  • How long did it take for you to feel relaxed?

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