The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a television show in which contestants compete to complete tasks and beat the other teams to the finish line. As far as team building events go, The Amazing Race works best at retreats where participants can visit multiple locations.

You can also adapt the game to play in a single room by creating stations.

In advance, create a route with various challenges. Divide the group into teams of three or four people.

Provide each team with a map and track list, each team must start with a different challenge. Allow thirty minutes to an hour to complete the run. Wait at the finish line to congratulate the winners.

Examples of challenges:

  • Open a lock by choosing the correct key from a bunch. Remove your names from the now unlocked box before relocking the box and returning the key to the pile.
  • Go up and down the stairs five times. Record video as evidence.
  • Solve a riddle

To win, teams will need to cooperate and approach challenges strategically.

The set of tasks tests problem solving and time management skills and builds trust and camaraderie among team members.

Moment of Reflection
  • Explore which tasks were most challenging and how they were solved
  • Ask if leaders appeared during the tasks. What leadership lessons can be drawn?
  • What teamwork skills appeared during the activity? And what aspects arose and made it difficult for the team to function?
  • Ask them what they would do differently if they had to repeat the circuit of activities
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