Waving Arms

Waving Arms

The Waving Arms Exercise

Waving your arms is an engaging and exciting confidence-building exercise that pushes boundaries and tests people’s courage.

Form two straight lines of people, facing each other and standing about 1.5 to 2 metres apart. Instruct these people to swing their arms full stretch in front of them up and down in a chopping motion.

Ask a brave person to be the initial “walker” and place them a few feet back from the entrance to the aisle formed by the facing rows of people waving their arms. Ask the volunteer to walk down the corridor between the two lines.

Now, imagine the view held by the walker as they stand anxiously at the top of the lines – just awesome.

The ‘walker’ should attempt to maintain an even pace and keep their eyes open at all times. The ‘choppers’ aim to create as much slicing action as possible within the immediate vicinity of the walker.

To be clear, the slicers are encouraged to slice right in front of the nose and eyes of the walker as they mosey through, but of course, never actually make contact. Like all good adventures, it’s the perceived risk (and not the actual risk) that counts.

Group aims to create an exciting thrill for the walker, while not hitting him or her in the process. Repeat with several volunteers.

Moment of Reflection

Like most trust exercises, take the time with your group – perhaps between walkers – to reflect back on what it was like to be the ‘choppers’ and the ‘walker,’ why some walkers slowed down, how it felt to trust the group with a physical responsibility, etc.

  • What did you observe when the walker passed between the arms that cut through the air?
  • Did the walker maintain a steady pace? Why or why not?
  • How did it feel to be the walker?
    Do you trust that the group will take care of your safety? How and why?
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