Curiosity Online

Curiosity Online

The Curiosity Online Activity

Curiosity Online is an engaging exercise that invites sharing, promotes random interaction, and encourages engagement.

Having gathered your group online, simply pose a question to your group that you would like them to respond to. For example, what is something strange you believed as a child? Ask each person to briefly write their response into the Chatroom, but not hit the Enter key.

Allow a minute or so for people to type in their answers.

When ready, invite your group to hit the Enter key at the same time to populate the Chatroom simultaneously with their responses. Allow up to a minute for your group to scan the many responses.

Invite a volunteer to choose one response they are curious to learn more about and ask its author to describe the story behind it. When this person has shared (audibly,) ask them to choose another response that they are curious about and invite its author to share their story, and so on.

If a nominated person chooses not to share, simply ask the current volunteer to pick another response they are curious about. Continue sharing for 10 or more minutes.

Moment of Reflection
  • Was it hard to find at least one response that evoked a little curiosity in you?
  • What elements piqued your curiosity?
  • What process did you use to choose someone to share their story?
  • How did it feel to be selected to share your story?
  • Describe what it felt like after someone shared their story? Was this a positive experience?
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