Benefits of team building activities

Benefits of team building activities

Benefits of team building activities

We tell you the main benefits of team building activities: Increased trust, Constructive criticism and A leaner and faster onboarding.

Increased trust

This is the magical ingredient of every high-performing team. Fun team-building activities can be used in the workplace to build trust. People who trust their colleagues, both in character and capability, are more willing to step out of their comfort zone and pursue a common goal.

They have each other’s back, which means they don’t need to worry about someone constantly checking their work. Instead, they rely on each of their co-workers’ strengths and build something bigger together than they would have done it alone.

In the end, nobody wants to work with semi-strangers whom they’re afraid of.

Gary Vee sums it up better when he says that “people work way much better when you deploy honey instead of vinegar”.

Constructive criticism

Refers to the courage of speaking up your mind without fearing the consequences. This means that you can share information freely even when you’re wrong and pick up someone’s brains effortlessly.

Sure, mistakes can and will happen, but it’s better to rely on a supportive team that points you in the right direction instead of one who will keep the score.

A leaner and faster onboarding

We’re talking about the process of helping new hires adapt to the company culture. The sooner you help them to better understand company roles, procedures, and meet their co-workers in person, the faster they will become ready to work and contribute in meaningful ways.

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Get this part right and you have higher chances of retaining valuable talent for longer periods of time.


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