Incomplete Figure Test

Incomplete Figure Test

Incomplete Figure Test of Paul Torrance

Incomplete Figure Test is a drawing exercise and a creativity test to evaluate different aspects of people, especially children. This test of Creative Thinking was introduced by psychologist Ellis Paul Torrance in the sixties as a way to administer a more creatively inclined IQ test.

Based on this experience, we thought of an exercise to develop creative thinking in your team.

You use a small, simple scribble, like a half-circle, a loop, an incomplete square or two interconnected lines. The objective is to make a complete drawing or many drawing starting from the scribble.

To do this in a group, several people use the same scribble to work from, and then they compare the drawings.

Allow three minutes for people to add strokes to the scribbles to create complete drawings. Also, ask them to tell a story with the images created and come up with a title for each image.

Seeing how others interpret the same small design can expand your creative thinking and give you new ideas.

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