Copy Cat

Copy Cat

Copy Cat Activity

We like Copy Cat activity because the team members to learn the importance of listening in an activity where they have to make an exact copy of a sculpture.

We love this because it focuses on teamwork and cooperation, which has been shown time and time again to improve organizational culture, goal attainment, and job satisfaction.

You need six to seven common office items for each participant, a visual barrier to place between each pair of participant (e.g., a large binder)

Pair up your participants and distribute a set of identical office items to each partner.

Each pair should then set up a visual barrier so they cannot see their partner’s items. Instruct one partner of each pair to build some kind of structure, using only the items provided – they have 1 minute to do so.

The other partner should try to copy the structure – they have two minutes. Both partners may freely talk, but they must not ask participants they’re paired with any questions.

After the time is up, remove the barriers and view the results.

To make the game a little longer, you can reverse roles.

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