Game of Possibilities

Game of Possibilities

The Game of Possibilities

The Game of Possibilities is one that comes up fairly frequently in discussions about great team-building games. It’s almost like a form of the popular game charades that revolves specifically around random objects.

This activity is a great way to bring out your team’s quick thinking and extreme creativity. All you need is to gather a set of random objects.

Every person in groups is given an object and must demonstrate the alternative way to use it. The other group must guess what function they are acting out.

Collect one office object for each participant. Office objects may include: pen, stapler, tape, coffee mug, etc.

Distribute one office object to each participant. Provide one-minute for participants to brainstorm as many new ways as possible to use their office object.

They should not think about the traditional uses of objects. They have to write creative ideas.

Each participant will demonstrate the various uses they can think of for the assigned object. Participants are only allowed to act out or demonstrate non-verbally their list of creative purposes.

Others are left to guess what the demonstration is meant to show.

The game itself is helpful in getting team members used to communicating with each other and thinking creatively. The exercise is also a great way to energize a team before a brainstorming session or team meeting.

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