Blind Name

Blind Name

The Blind Name Game

Blind Name is a fun, quirky and quick ice-breaking activity at the start of a meeting and also is a mindful exercise.

Distribute a blank index card and a pen to each person. If you’re engaged in a virtual setting, ask each person to grab these materials before you start.

By way of demonstration, instruct them to place the card on their forehead. Carefully positioning the pen or marker on the card, invite them to write their first name on the card as best as they can, ie they cannot see what they are doing.

The challenge of this particular name-tag is two-fold – write your name without viewing what you are doing and write the letters backwards or in reverse.

When ready, invite others to view, read and comment on the legibility of their partner’s name tag.

Moment of Reflection
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being awesome) how legible was your blind name-tag?
  • What was the most difficult part of writing your name?
  • Do you think with practice you would get better?
  • What else are you working on right now in your life that needs more practice?

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