Flip in Order

Flip in Order

The Game of Flip in Order

Flip in Order is a simple and quick game to test memory skills and challenge your group to complete the task in the shortest possible time.

In advance, select ten cards from a regular deck representing Ace (one) to Ten. Randomly lay these ten playing cards face-down on a table.

Assemble your group about 5 to 10 metres away from the cards, standing behind a line. Mark an area where you want your group to stand and then explain the task, to flip all ten cards in the sequence Ace to Ten in the quickest possible time.

Instruct your group to flip over all of the cards, one at a time, in order from Ace to Ten. Further explain that only one person is permitted to move to the cards at any point in time, and may flip one card over at a time.

If the value of the card revealed is the next card in the sequence (the first card must be the Ace,) it may remain face-up. Otherwise, the card must be flipped face-down in the same spot.

This process continues, with each person taking turns to flip over one card, before returning behind the line. Encourage each person in the group to flip a card once before anyone can flip a second card.

Gradually, the correct sequence of cards will be revealed, and when the final card has been flipped and the last person has returned to their group, stop the time.

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Invite your group to play one or more rounds to continuously improve their performance.

Moment of Reflection
  • What strategies did your group employ to manage the randomness of the cards?
  • Did these strategies work? Why or why not?
  • Did this exercise test your collective memories? How?
  • Did you repeat a mistake? How did your group react when this occurred?
  • Could your group complete the task more quickly a second or third time? What would need to change?
  • How might your performance reflect on your group?

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