Miss White

Miss White

The Miss White Game

Miss White is an energetic game and a crazy series of sequential stunts ideal for disinhibiting and inspiring creativity.

Form small groups of 6 to 8 people standing in a circle. Ask one person in each circle to volunteer to start by turning to the person on their left and initiate the following sequence of responses:

  • Partner – “NO, WHAT HAPPENED?”
  • Volunteer – “SHE DIED!”
  • Partner – “HOW DID SHE DIE?”
  • The volunteer responds with “WITH ONE COCKED-EYE” and closes one of their eyes tightly.

At this juncture, their partner turns to the person on their left and initiates the exact same set of responses, eventually closing one of their eyes tightly. This sequence continues all the way around the circle until everyone has one of their eyes closed.

Keeping one’s eye closed, this sequence of partner interactions continues around the circle a second time with the added embellishment of “… WITH HER MOUTH AWRY” in which case each person twists their mouth to the side. On the third rotation, the response is “… BREATHING A SIGH.”

On the fourth rotation, the response is “… WITH HER LEG HELD HIGH.” On the fifth and final rotation, the response is “… WAVING GOODBYE.”

The challenge is to maintain all of the progressive series of physical gestures at the same time – all the way around the circle – for as long as possible. As soon as physical fatigue sets in – or the monotony gets too much – conclude the activity.

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Moment of Reflection
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how conscious were you about what you were doing in front of others?
  • What makes it fun, or perhaps, not fun?
  • Why do you think we get very self-conscious about what we do in front of others?
  • What’s the impact of being too self-conscious?

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