Worry Reel

Worry Reel

The Worry Reel Visualization

Worry Reel is a visualization that promotes calm and relaxation, inspires creativity, and reduces anxiety and worry.

You can use visualizations to help your group put their worries aside and reduce stress and anxiety so they can enjoy the present moment and be at peace with where they are right now.

First, invite your group to find a comfortable spot. In their seats, lying on the floor, etc. The key is to take your time, use a calming tone throughout and be gentle with yourself.

Here’s a suggested script you can follow and adapt as required:

  • Once you are comfortable, take a deep breath in.
  • Feel your shoulders sink, your muscles release any tension that you are holding, and let your body relax.
  • When you are ready, breathe in and out slowly.
  • Focus on the present moment by paying attention to your breath. It may help you to count as you inhale and exhale. Continue to breathe in and out until you are fully relaxed.
  • As you get comfortable with your breath, close your eyes and let us start our visualisation.
  • Imagine that you are going fishing. Imagine the lake, the sea, or your favourite place to fish. Maybe it’s a little river. You might be on a boat or at the shore.
  • Visualise these details. All your worries are in the water, but you are above the surface.
  • Now, one by one, we can reel in these thoughts and allow ourselves to process them at our own pace.
  • We do not have to drown with our thoughts— they do not define us. We sit above the surface and can choose which thoughts we’d like to reel in.
  • You may notice your thoughts and worries creep back in, but let’s try to focus on the present moment. You are in control of your thoughts. They are there for you, swimming in the water, always available to you when you want to fish for them. But they do not need to be carried with us constantly.
  • Now reel in the best thought you can find.
  • How does that make you feel? Sit with that feeling.
  • When you are ready, slowly open your eyes. How are you feeling?
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At the end of the activity, encourage your group to share their feelings and insights if they feel comfortable.

Moment of Reflection
  • How did you feel when we started the activity? How do you feel now that we have finished?
  • What did you like about this activity? Was it helpful?
  • Do you see yourself implementing this meditation into your daily life?
  • Was there any part of this activity that you found challenging?
  • Did your mind wander during the activity? Were you able to bring it back?

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