Roll of Toilet Paper

Roll of Toilet Paper

The Roll of Toilet Paper Activity

Roll of Toilet Paper is an amusing activity to introduce the knowledge of the names of the people of the new groups in formation.

Start by holding a typical roll of toilet paper in your hand, and unroll a bunch of sheets and then tear it off. Then, hand the roll to the next person and ask them to take out as much toilet paper as they think is necessary.

Expect a lot of incredulous looks at this stage, and a few side glances of embarrassment. Gradually, each person tears off as much toilet paper as they think they will need.

Once everyone has collected their share of the roll, announce that this task was, in fact, a sneaky way of inviting people to share more about themselves. Ask each person to share their name and one piece of information about themselves for every single sheet (square) of toilet paper they are holding.

Invite people to take turns around the circle, or randomly when ready to share.

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