Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper Activity

Salt and Pepper quick icebreaker activity is fun, excellent for energizing your team and letting them get to know each other. It doesn’t take up a lot of time and requires a few simple materials like a pen, tape, and small sheets of paper.

First you need to think of pairs of things like salt and pepper, ham and cheese, lock and key. Separate the pairs and write only one of them per sheet. Tape one sheet of paper on each person’s back so they can’t see it.

Once everyone has been assigned an item, they will have to walk around asking yes or no questions to figure out which word is on file. Once they know what they are, they need to find their “match.”

When a pair has been paired up, they can sit down and share three interesting facts about themselves. An optional step: have the pairs present their partners and the interesting facts they learned about them.

This exercise will encourage communication and creativity among the participants. Learning how to ask the right questions will be a challenge. It will also encourage teamwork as interacting with the other team members is necessary.

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