Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon

The Game of Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon is a simple and lively game to break the ice, energize people in a large group and exercise concentration.

Ask your group to stand directly to one side of a long line marked on the ground, for example, a basketball court boundary, or a line scraped on the ground. Encourage people to spread themselves evenly along the line, within 30cm of the line.

Identify one side of the line as ‘Sun’ and the other as ‘Moon.’

Once everyone is in position, you are ready to call out a series of commands to instruct your group to jump to one side of the line or the other. Loudly announce a series of calls such as “SUN, MOON, SUN, MOON…”

Immediately upon each call, each person must jump to the correct side. El grupo debe, uno por uno pero al mismo tiempo, saltar o quedarse en el lado que representa la llamada.

When you are completely unpredictable, both in terms of pacing and timing, the game is more exciting. For example, it could sound something like this “..SUN…..MOON…. SUN..SUN…”

If someone jumps when they shouldn’t, or is too slow when they should have jumped, or, if you want to be completely ruthless, one person flinches slightly as if about to jump, then the party loses the game.

Challenge the group to follow the most consecutive commands without making a mistake. When one or more people make a mistake, the game starts over.

Keep the game at a lively pace to energize the group. When you detect that the enthusiasm begins to wane, it is time to start the next activity.

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Moment of Reflection
  • What did you notice about yourself or others as the activity progressed?
  • What did you say to yourself when you happened to make a wrong move?
  • What strategies did you employ to help you focus on making the right moves?
  • Where else in your life/work/school do you need to respond quickly and accurately?

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