Initial Report

Initial Report

Make yourself known with an Initial Report

Initial Report is a simple, attractive and structured group activity to introduce people to new groups that are forming.

Ask your group to break into small groups of three or four people. Announce that they will soon be able to introduce themselves to their peers by following simple instructions.

In addition to the name they have to give the answer to these three questions:

  • What’s good in your life?
  • What’s goofy about you?
  • What goal(s) are you aiming to achieve?

There is no particular order, and each person will share at whatever level they feel comfortable with. Allow 2 to 5 minutes for conversation.

Finally, gather your group in a large circle and in such a way that everyone can see each other. Ask each person to say their name and share:

  • What is good in the life of another person in your small group
  • What is goofy about another person?
  • And what goals is another person trying to achieve?

You only have to share the information, you do not need to identify the person of the answers.

In addition to the group getting to know each other, the benefit of this activity is that the focus required to share about oneself can speak to the benefits of being responsible, as participants expect their peers to be honest with them.

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