Two truths and one lie

Two truths and one lie

Two truths and one lie

Two truths and one lie doesn’t require any equipment or preparation. Can be played by all ages including kids, teenagers and adults. This activity is not only fun but it can be done anywhere at anytime with a big or small group.

It also provides a very powerful outcome of helping the group get to know each other even better. If played in a group that knows each other well this becomes a fun challenge since everyone knows each other so well.

Additionally this can be equally useful in groups that don’t know each other very well by helping them to learn more about each other.

To play this game each person takes turns stating two truths (true statements) about themselves and one Lie (false statement). After each person takes their turn, the others in the group have to try to figure out which of the three statements was the “Lie”.

Everyone tries to guess the right answer. This leads to stories about past life experiences and facilitates engaging and enjoyable conversation.

You could do the same via a virtual call with your team members and share verbally over the video conference.

The player with the most points after each person has gone is the winner.

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