Silly Laughter

Silly Laughter

The Silly Laughter

A silly laughter is a great therapy for self-awareness as it lets you identify and confront your personal limitations and uncomfortably in acting and looking silly. This is a exercise that help rescue laughter and burst out laughing when laughter is blocked or captive.

You have simply act like a child and observe if you find it comfortable and enjoyable. Do not be afraid to explore the unbelievable, the ridiculous and the absurd.

After all, children are curious, and they laugh at the smallest and silliest things.

Ask them to pantomime the following actions and add laughter on top.

Stand all in a clump as if in a crowded elevator and laugh.

  1. Vowel laughter: Haha, hahoo, heeha, heehoo, heehahoo, others.
  2. Consonant laughter: Meehoo, meehee, meehaa, seehaa, seemoo, and all other combinations with different vowel and consonant sounds.
  3. Laughter counting: Ha, haha, hahaha… until achieving continuous laugh.

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