Emergency Plan Game

Emergency Plan Game

The Emergency Plan Game

The emergency plan game is one of the easiest problem-solving activity games to use since its only requirement is space. In this case, the game is more interesting and easier to facilitate and engage in if the room is filled with more objects.

To play this game, gather everyone into a room. Your normal office works just fine if everyone is there.

The team must find 10 items they will need to survive being locked in the room for several days. Give the team a set amount of time to discuss it, 30 minutes at the most, then review the team’s answers.

Everyone on the team must agree to the ten items and rank them in order of importance. This game helps the team improve their communications skills.

The team will have to agree on a final answer to win. So, team members will have to communicate their reasoning to the rest of the team in order for the team to win.

Analytical ability or problem solving ability is a skill that people need to develop. Problem-solving skills are valuable in all organizations and work teams.

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