Thread of Dental

Thread of Dental

Magic Thread of Dental

Laughter yoga classes are a form of exercise that encourages employees to work together and share experiences with one another whilst understanding each other on a deeper level in a relaxing environment. Unlike many workout and yoga activities, thread of dental is a laughter yoga activity that is more of a group practice than an individual one.

This activity provides many health benefits that can improve company culture, from reducing stress levels to reducing symptoms of anxiety. This team building exercise can relax your employees leading to improved communication and stronger relationships within teams.

Step to step

You will need to guide the group through a series of activities to encourage them to let go of their inhibitions and laugh freely:

  1. Warming Up
    Start by stimulating your acupressure points through a hearty clapping session. Keep your palm fully open and try for a full hand to hand contact. To further elevate the energy levels, keep increasing the clapping speed.
  1. Chant
    Before the applause ends you can start with a simple and light chant that prepares you and your vocal chords for laughter. Go for a normal ‘HO, HO, HO, HA-HA-HA’. Now, as you level up and put in more energy, try to ensure that the chanting sounds are coming from your belly.
  1. Deep Breathing
    Pull in a deep breath until your lungs are full, then hold for a beat, before exhaling. Repeat this exercise until you feel nice and relaxed.
  1. Relax And Let Go
    Adopting a childish behavior is the best way, forget what others think and pretend that you are the only person in the world. When you finally let go you’ll feel a sense of enormous well-being.
  1. Laughter Time
    Once you are all set with the warm and all prepared, it is time to go for a hearty laughter session:
    Imagine that you have wrapped a thread of dental floss between your fingers. Now imagine threading the floss between your ears to clear out the ‘stinking thinking’ that can build up, like dental plaque, in the mind. Jiggle it around, to and fro, while laughing. Then throw the ‘floss’ and the worries away.
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