Countries Toured

Countries Toured

The Countries Toured Puzzle

Countries Toured is a problem-solving logic exercise designed to be solved in groups and to promote collaboration and effective communication.

Gather your group and ask them to sit or stand a small distance away from one another. Distribute one clue (small slip of paper) to each person.

Twelve ready-to-print clues: Countries Toured Clues

Instruct each person that they may read their clue out loud to others, but they must never show or display it to anyone.

Announce that everyone has a unique set of information or clues and that as a group, it has all of the information it needs to solve the problem. Explain that their first task is to identify what the problem is and the second task is to solve the problem within the allocated time frame.

Allow 30 to 40 minutes (or other timeframe as you choose) for your group to solve the puzzle.

Armed with pen and paper, your group truly has everything it needs to solve the puzzle. In the case of this particular problem, the solution is best represented by a table of names and countries

As soon as a solution has been offered, or the time expires, look for opportunities to invite your group to reflect on a whole range of group dynamics including leadership, communication and decision-making processes.

Moment of Reflection
  • Describe what first happened once the task was described to your group?
  • At what point did the task or problem start to become clear? How?
  • How did individuals support one another during the process?
  • Did you feel that you and your data were fully appreciated or acknowledged during the exercise?
  • Was there a significant moment when the solution was becoming obvious?
  • What advice would you give another group trying to solve the same problem?
  • How might this activity teach us a lesson about making decisions?
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