Mastermind in Action

Mastermind in Action

Mastermind in Action Activity

Mastermind in Action is a medley of fun brain teasers and lateral-thinking problems and allows people to teamwork and work at their own pace.

In advance, prepare or source a set of 10 lateral-thinking/problem-solving activities with various degrees of difficulty.

For example: Why are the numbers listed below in the correct sequence? 8 5 4 9 1 7 6 3 2 0

Once you have created your desired set problems, print them off and pin them to various stations throughout your large hall. Form small teams of 2 to 5 people and challenge them to engage with and solve as many problems as they can within a set timeframe.

Normally 45 to 60 minutes is sufficient.

Each team can set their own pace and visit the puzzles in any order. Upon conclusion, regather your group and review all of the solutions.

Lead your group in a brief reflection of the activity.

Moment of Reflection

Some folks will know or work out the solution quickly, while others will soon get frustrated.

  • When you think of ‘lateral-thinking’ exercises, what do you tell yourself?
  • Do you feel that solutions come to you easily or with a lot of difficulties? Why?
  • What helped you crack the solution for some of these puzzles?
  • Can you think of a problem in your life or work that was solved with lateral-thinking?

And in case you’re still thinking about it, the numbers are listed in alphabetical order (as they are spelled.)

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