Quick Guessing

Quick Guessing

The Quick Guessing game

Quick Guessing is a highly entertaining team farce communication exercise in which players guess a word from a role-played clue.

In advance, prepare a long list of names representing the topics of sports, artistic activities and foods. With this list held secretly in your hand, divide your large group into a bunch of smaller teams of approx 4 to 8 people and distribute them well apart from each other.

Standing somewhere equidistant to all of the teams, invite one person from each team to volunteer and approach you. Leaning in close to these volunteers, whisper the name of the first topic on your list.

Instruct these volunteers to return to their group and use a series of non-verbal gestures to communicate this topic to their team as quickly and effectively as possible.

As soon as the topic is identified correctly, a new person from the team returns to you to check their answer. If the answer is not correct, simply ask them to return to their team until they can give you the correct answer.

If the answer is correct, you whisper the next topic on your list. This person returns to their group to continue the game.

Continue playing until you have exhausted your list of topics or your group.

Momento of Reflection
  • What did you think when you first learned that you had to rely on your charade skills to communicate a message?
  • What were the most effective strategies for communicating each topic?
  • Did you surprise yourself, or others, in any way?
  • Describe an experience that was totally misunderstood.
  • Did your non-verbal / charading communication skills get better with time?
  • Did your group develop strategies that helped you become more successful?
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