Future Self

Future Self

Visualization of the Future Self

Future Self is a group visualization exercise that helps reduce anxiety and worry and promotes calm and relaxation.

Visualization can be a great tool to use to calm our worries and motivate our choices. To visualize is to imagine and our imaginations can create a lot of possibilities within and around us.

Gather your group to sit in a circle at their desks or find a comfortable space on the floor. Facilitate the visualisation step by step, making adjustments according to the needs of your group.

When ready, calmly begin to read the script next.

Future Self
  • Once you are seated comfortably, take these next few seconds to relax.
  • Let us start by taking a deep breath. Inhale through the nose. Hold your breath for a
    few seconds.
  • Now exhale deeply through the mouth. Inhale again. Exhale.
  • Feel your body and mind relaxing.
  • When you are ready, close your eyes.
  • How do you want your future to look? With this question in mind, start to visualise
    your future self— one, five, or even ten years from now.
  • Who is this person? Imagine your surroundings. Where do you find yourself? What
    are you doing? Where is your home? Who is with you?
  • Start to paint a beautiful picture in your mind of what this future looks like.
  • Begin to look inward. How do you feel when imagining your future self? How do you
    imagine your future self feels?
  • Imagine with detail— what emotions does your face show? What stories do you
    hold? What memories have you made?
  • Feel free to ask your future self any questions you may have. If you are seeking
    clarity or direction in life, let them know. Notice how they respond, whether it is
    through words or images.
  • When you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to the present moment.
  • Open your eyes.
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At the end of the activity, if desired, invite your group to reflect on their experience.

Moment of Reflection
  • How did you feel when we started the activity? How do you feel now that we have finished?
  • What did you like about this activity? Was it helpful?
  • Do you see yourself implementing this meditation into your daily life?
  • Was there any part of this activity that you found challenging?
  • Did your mind wander during the activity? Were you able to bring it back?

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