Mindfulness Jar

Mindfulness Jar

The Mindfulness Jar Exercise

Mindfulness Jar is a powerful meditation tool to inspire creativity, help you relax, and practice mindfulness.

In advance, gather all of the resources you will need for this activity.

  • Glass jar or bottle with a tight lid (for each person)
  • Bag of glitter
  • Corn syrup or glycerin
  • Dish soap
  • Water

Gather your group and distribute one jar or bottle to each person and direct their attention to the other resources, such as the water and glitter, to share.

Explain that by way of demonstration, you are going to create a mindfulness jar and shortly, each person will be invited to create their own.

Place a spoonful of glitter into your jar. Fill your jar approximately halfway with warm water and carefully swirl the container to separate the glitter.

Add glycerin or corn syrup to your jar sufficient to thicken the liquid, ie this makes the glitter fall slowly. Add a drop or two of dish soap, ie to prevent the glitter from sticking together.

Finally, close your jar tightly and give it a few shakes. Hold your jar out towards your group so they can watch the glitter fall softly.

Allow up to 15 minutes for each person in your group to create their own glitter-filled jars. Monitor and assist those who need help.

When ready, lead your group through a quick breathing exercise to learn how to use their new mindfulness tools to calm and relax.

You can follow and adapt this script as required:

  • Once you are seated comfortably, take these next few moments to relax
  • Now, take a deep breath in}
  • olding the jar in your hands, give it a good shake
  • Watch the glitter slowly fall
  • Notice that the glitter is slow, just like our breath
  • Inhale
  • Exhale
  • And again
  • As we focus on the glitter jar, feel your breathing become calmer
  • Continue to focus on your breathing until all of the the glitter settles on the bottom
  • When you are ready, I invite you to slowly return your presence to the group
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Upon conclusion, invite your group to reflect on their experience.

Moment of Reflection
  • How long did it take you to feel calm and focus on your breath?
    Was it easy to focus on the glitter, or did you feel distracted at times?
  • How long did it take for your glitter to settle? Were you impatient or calm while you waited?
  • What did you find most challenging about this exercise?
  • What did you notice feeling once all of the glitter rested at the bottom of your jars?
  • What did you like most about this exercise?
  • What were your thoughts before starting the exercise, and what are they now that we’ve finished?
  • What emotions came up for you?
  • Can you imagine a way in which these jars can be used at other times? Why?

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