My Safe Space

My Safe Space

The Visualization of My Safe Space

My Safe Space is an ideal visualization exercise to promote calm and relaxation, and reduce anxiety and worry.

Gather your group to sit in a circle on a comfortable space on the floor. Announce that you will soon lead them through a brief exercise to help them calm their minds and bodies.

Facilitate the visualisation step by step, making adjustments according to the needs of your group:

  • Once you are seated comfortably, take these next few seconds to relax. When you are ready and comfortable, take a deep breath in.
  • Feel the air travel into your lungs. Hold your breath here for a few seconds, taking in a bit more air if you can.
  • Slowly, exhale through the mouth. Feel your breath traveling out of your lungs and being released.
  • Allow your shoulders to sink and feel your body relax.
  • When you are ready, I invite you to close your eyes.
  • Think of a place that makes you feel entirely at peace. A place that allows your mind to release all worries and fears. Use your imagination and visualise the details of this place.
  • Who are you with? Where are you? Is it a space in nature, such as a forest or a beach? Is it a familiar place or somewhere you have never been before?
  • What are you doing in this place? How do you feel?
  • Get comfortable with this space. Explore each corner. Know that this is your inner oasis that your mind can always escape to when you need a break from the worries and anxiety.
  • You can decorate it any way you’d like. How will you decorate it?
  • No matter where you are, you can always come back to this place.
  • When you are ready, come back to this present moment. Take a few deep breaths, inhale, exhale. Open your eyes.
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At the end of the activity, encourage your group to share their feelings and insights if they feel comfortable.

Moment of Reflection
  • How do you feel now that we have finished the activity?
  • Did your mind wander during the activity? Were you able to bring it back?
  • Was there any part of this activity that you found challenging?
  • What did you like about this activity? Was it helpful?
  • Do you see yourself implementing this meditation into your daily life?

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