Collage to Reflect

Collage to Reflect

The Collage to Reflect

Collage to reflect is a creative and inspiring activity to reflect on and evoke valuable conversations and interactions in group.

In advance, create a montage of images that is populated with a wide variety of 12 to 25 photographs. Choose a wide variety of images, icons and photographs that reflect the array of emotions every human being may and can experience in their lifetime.

The simplest method may be to fill a large sheet of paper with images you have cut out of a pile of newspapers and magazines, which you can then share tangibly in front of your group. Or, for the purposes of virtual groups, you have even more creative options for what you can produce and share on-screen, especially if you have a padlet account.

At an appropriate time in your session, display this board for your group to view. Pose a question or make a statement that will invite your group to reflect on these images.

For example:

  • Pick an image that captures the essence of how you’re feeling right now.
  • When you think of this group, which image best fits your understanding of it.

Ask each person to select one or more images which reflect their response to your question. Allow a few moments for your group to ponder and reflect on their choices.

Invite several people to share which image they chose and why. Continue the opportunity for others to share or pose a new question.

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