Personal Thoughts

Personal Thoughts

Personal Thoughts is a Reflection Activity

Personal Thoughts is an individual activity and a powerful tool to develop empowerment and inspire self-expression and reflection. The guts of this processing strategy is to invite group members to spend some time on their own and write one or more personal thoughts.

Gather your group after a ‘significant’ experience or event. Distribute pen and paper to every person.

Ask each person to find a space to themselves for 5 to 10 minutes. Provide a framework to guide your group’s thoughts, lest they waste this valuable opportunity.

For example, you may ask them to write down their thoughts in regards the manner in which the group resolved a recent conflict. Another idea is that they can write about how they felt after going through a significant experience.

Once everyone has returned to the group, you may choose to invite one or more people to share what they wrote. Don’t force people to share their thoughts, only invite those who are willing to. The individual reflection process itself is already very beneficial.

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