Sharing Inspirational Cards

Sharing Inspirational Cards

Reflect by Sharing Inspirational Cards

Sharing inspirational cards is a fantastic and rewarding activity to inspire creativity and promote self-awareness.

In advance, prepare a stack of cards with different landscapes and situations. Spread and lay all of the cards face-up on flat surface.

Gather your group around the cards, and allow a moment for the group to survey what lays before them. When ready, tell your group that in moment, you would like each person to choose one card from the pile to reflect their best response to a question you are about to pose.

Pose a question which invites each person to reflect on their experience. For example, you may ask each person to pick a card that most closely reflects how they are feeling right now.

Or, to choose a card that best reflects how well the group is looking after itself. Or, as simple as picking a card that reminds them of something they like in their life.

Ask each person to select one or more cards which reflects their response to your question. Having picked a card or more cards, enter into a time of sharing.

Invite sharing in pairs or small groups. Pairs works very well to encourage lots of interaction, so too do small groups.

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