The Person’s Candle

The Person’s Candle

The Person’s Candle Activity

The Person’s Candle is fun partner activity is based on the story of Encanto (Disney), but it is not necessary for anyone to know or have watched the film to play. Start by forming pairs up using a random split strategy.

Ask each person to share one of their wishful-thinking, favourite superpowers, eg ability to fly, or see through walls, super-human strength, etc.

Next, invite each person to secretly identify a spot within the space you are situated as their own. For example, someone may choose a cosy corner of the room, a particular seat or tree, etc.

When both partners are ready, ask one person at a time to verbally guide their partner to their secret place using the golden-oldie “getting warmer/colder” game. As soon as one location is discovered, swap roles, and now the other person leads their partner to their secret place.

Now, with both of these locations in mind, ask each pair to identify a spot that is positioned somewhere between these two locations. It does not have to be a halfway point, but it does need to be accessible and easily identifiable for future reference.

Now, standing at this point, ask each person to share one of their strengths in real life.

Viewed from the context of the film, these strengths are the person’s candle. Naturally, what is shared are the actual or real strengths of each person, not their imagined or wishful-thinking superpowers.

Allow ample time for this sharing to occur.

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Moment of Reflection
  • What are some of your favourite superpowers?
  • Did you identify these strengths quickly, or did your partner (or others) help you on this journey?
  • Is place important to you? Explain.
  • What makes you super?
    How can you (or do you) use your ‘superpowers’ today?

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