Think Themselves

Think Themselves

The Think Themselves Exercise

It invites people to think about themselves quite deeply which is a very powerful journey, but you may expect some people in your group to struggle to look for answers. Think Themselves is a deeply contemplative exercise that helps people develop self-awareness and promotes reflection.

The thrust of this activity is to ask a series of four questions and invite people to share their answers with a small number of others. Its true value is acknowledged in the thought that we often limit ourselves with brief introductions such as I am a student, athlete, teacher, a father etc.

This activity introduces the idea that we are more than what is assigned to us by others.

First, divide your group into small groups of not more than 4 people. Explain that you will soon announce a series of four short questions and would like each person to share their response with those in their group

Explain that you will allow ample time for contemplation and sharing, and then you will ask the next question, and so on. With each question, encourage your group to go beyond its literal meaning.

For example, it is easy to name the city/town in which you are located when asked Where are you? But, when you sit in earnest enquiry, many more responses can be found to this question, such as ‘mid-life’ crisis, stale relationship, emerging leadership, etc.

The four questions:

  • Who are you? Allow ample time for reflection, sharing and conversation.
  • What are you? And allow time for sharing.
  • Where are you? and allow time for sharing.
  • Why are you? and allow time for sharing.
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In conclusion, invite one or more people to share what they discovered with the large group.

Moment of Reflection
  • Did you find it difficult to answer the questions? Why?
  • Which question was the most difficult to answer? The easiest?
  • What did you notice about the responses from other people?
  • What did you discover about yourself and others?
  • What might your answers say about your character?

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