Host and Guests

Host and Guests

Host and Guests Game

Host and Guests is a quick test of a person’s initiative and a good get to know you game. This game should be played in a setting where the participants do not know each other (or are relatively unfamiliar with one another)

This activity is ideal to begin a first recognition between people in a group in training. We recommend playing this game at the beginning of the team’s first meet.

The facilitator will ask everyone to take 5 minutes to meet 5 other people in the room. Do not give more instructions than those expressed above.

Allow people to move freely around the room and execute the given message as they can and want. After 5 minutes, the facilitator will ask the audience some questions to begin the moment of reflection.

  • How many people actually met five other people?
  • How many people met more than five people?
  • What is one interesting fact that you learned about one of the people you met?

During this brief exercise, the group not only begins to get to know each other, but people can evaluate themselves on how they behave in a relationship:

Were they active? Did they take the initiative to pursue meeting people? Or… Were they passive? Did they wait for other people to approach them.

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