Make A Shape

Make A Shape

Make A Shape Together

Make a Shape is a communication game that shows the importance of setting goals and communicating them to your team.

Tie a rope into a ring large enough for everyone to hold a section of the rope with both hands.
Everyone stands in a circle facing each other.

Everyone holds a section of the ring of rope with both hands while standing up. The instructor gives instructions to form the rope into a particular shape.

For example, a circle. The group attempts to coordinate their movements and then lay the rope down on the floor with the shape as instructed.

Repeat the activity with a more complex shape (a dog, flower or what not), but this time round without speaking and only using hand gestures. Then, repeat the exercise, this time round without even hand gestures.

After the game is over, the instructor can ask the participants about their experience of trying to communicate to make the shapes.

Moment of Reflection

This exercise can be used to illustrate the importance of communication in leadership. Sometimes as leaders we don’t know the importance of communication our goals and objectives to our members.

As such, we get people who give vague results. But you can’t blame them. Vague instructions beget vague results.

Therefore, articulate your goals as clearly as you can. Specific instructions give precise results!

  • How did you feel when you could not communicate with your team?
  • What did you think when you found out that you had to express yourself without speaking?
  • How do you think this communication problem relates to your workplace?
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