Human Sculptures

Human Sculptures

The Human Sculptures Game

Human Sculptures is an group game that involves posing people into large human sculptures based on predefined topics.

Players would be asked to provide their own interpretation or illustration of some category of events or other topics (prepared in advance by the facilitator). Some examples of categories that could be used:

  • A topic related to specific subject matter learned in the classroom
  • An important event or experience
  • An important event in history
  • An famous scene from a movie
  • A line from a famous song

Form small groups so that each one makes a human sculpture of some category. The rest of the group must interpret the message, before revealing the representation give enough time for people to share the interpreted message.

The facilitator should demonstrate first to help put the players at ease, especially those who might be reluctant to act out. This activity can be a good way to see how people illustrate content learned or something personally meaningful to them.

Moment of Reflection
  • What did you think when you found out that you had to express yourself with your body and without speaking?
  • Was it difficult to put together a sculpture that communicates a message?
  • Can you make more than one interpretation when looking at the sculptures?
  • Can you recall a non-verbal communication experience that was totally misinterpreted?

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