Remember the Connections

Remember the Connections

The Remember the Connections Activity

Remember the Connections is a quick and agile greeting exercise to start a first recognition of people in a large group in formation.

With your group gathered in front of you, ask everyone to find another random person to pair up with. The ideal is to ask that the people of the couple do not know each other or know each other very little.

By way of demonstration, perform a ‘High-5‘ with a willing volunteer and then ask each pair to engage in the same greeting. When greeting each other, they must introduce themselves by saying their name.

Once the initial clamor of greetings has died down, ask everyone to remember who their High-5 partner is.

Then ask everyone to find a new (second) partner. This time, invite each person to participate in a second greeting with their new partner, such as a fist bump.

Again, invite everyone to find a new partner. Invite them to greet each other with a ‘low 5’, the same as a high 5, but their hands make contact below the waist.

Introduce two or three more unique greetings, asking people to find a new partner each time. Ask everyone not to forget to say their name at each greeting and to remember who their partner is at each greeting.

For fun and to reinforce established partnerships, randomly call the name of a particular greeting to challenge everyone to locate their partner as quickly as possible.

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