Make Your Own Movie

Make Your Own Movie

The Make Your Own Movie Activity

Make your own movie is a fun activity and you don’t need work teams with screenwriter or director tendencies, you just need employees with creative mind and artistic spirit.

Having your teams make their own movie may take more time than doing other team-building activities, but it’s going to be totally worth it.

Movie making is great for collaboration, creative problem solving, time and project management, and improving your employees’ organizational skills.

Walk your employees through all the steps of the movie-making process – they need to create the characters, write a screenplay, pick where they can shoot it (allow them to use the whole company building if possible), choose adequate music, and so on.

The length of the movie may either be optional or you might give them stricter directions. In any case, it should be a short movie, as this is the most practical solution not only for filming purposes, but for screening reasons, too (yes, after everyone’s done, you should gather everyone and display their movies).

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