Minefield Game

Minefield Game

The Minefield Game

The objective of Minefield Game is to build trust and collaboration between team members. The nature of the game also focuses on developing communication and active listening.

Needs lots of soft objects without rough edges (cups, balloons, stuffed animals) and few blindfolds. In an open space, place random objects on the floor, such as “mines”.

Divide people into groups of two and put the blindfold on one of them. The other person has to direct his partner to go from one side of the space to the other without stepping on any objects.

The person executing can only give verbal directions, and the blindfolded one cannot speak at all.

Hold the competition between 5-6 teams,and the one who reaches the finish line without stepping on any of the “mines” the earliest wins the game.

It is a great team-building activity to foster trust between people. Because one of the members is blind and cannot talk, he/she has to put his entire trust and confidence into his partner.

It is also an excellent activity for people who are not open to collaboration. It also increases concentration and urges your employees to pay attention.

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