Over the Beam

Over the Beam

The Challenge of Going Over the Beam

Over the Beam is a classic group challenge that involves physical agility, promotes collaboration, and develops a sense of team spirit. Assess your group’s physical abilities and spotting skills as required for this exercise.

In advance, you need a beam located approximately 3 meters high above the ground level. Present the problem clearly and prepare your group physically, emotionally and mentally for success.

Ask your group to stand on one side of the suspended beam. Challenge your group to pass every member of their team over the beam as quickly and as safely as possible.

For safety purposes, team members can position themselves as spotters on either side of the beam at any time, ie when a participant is actively being passed over the beam, everyone is a spotter. No more than three people are permitted on top of the beam at any time, including the person being passed.

Any person who is off the ground (including those sitting on the beam) must have at least one person spotting them at all times.

Process your group’s experience at the conclusion of the task.

Moment of Reflection
  • What were the most difficult challenges of this task?
  • Where and when did you feel the least and most comfortable? Why?
  • How did your group manage these challenges? Were you successful?
  • What types of support were offered during the exercise?
  • Are these forms of support demonstrated in other areas of your group’s experience?
  • What is an example of a challenge you or your group have overcome?
  • What strengths did you call on to help you succeed?
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This group activity is similar to the wall challenge. We recommend reading both and choosing the one that best suits your group.

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