Pass The Knot

Pass The Knot

The Activity Pass the Knot

Pass The Knot is a fantastic brainstorming strategy that allows everyone an equal opportunity to share their ideas and participate.

In advance, tie two ends of a long rope together to form large circle. Lay the rope circle on the ground, and ask your group to stand around it before grasping a section of it with both hands.

Ask each person to grasp the rope in front of them with both hands. Explain that, in a moment, you would like each person to start sliding the rope between their hands so that the tied knot gradually rotates all around the circle.

Pose a question for the group to consider. Ask the person who has the knot pass directly through their hands to respond.

As the knot passes through an individual’s hands, invite that person to respond to the question. Allow the knot to travel all the way around the circle, inviting a response from everyone.

Allow the knot to pause for a short while to give time for more substantive responses or ssk for the rope to be passed very quickly around the circle, which will require each person to provide a rapid and short response.

Continue until everyone has responded, and repeat by posing more questions.

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