The Tallest Paper Tower

The Tallest Paper Tower

Build the Tallest Paper Tower

We explain an entertaining group activity to build the tallest paper tower and design a strategy and teamwork plan.

Begin by dividing your group into smaller teams of three to five people. Much more than five, and the teams become a little unwieldy, with little for some of the group to do.

Then, armed with a ream of regular (A4 or US Letter) paper, distribute exactly 20 sheets to each group. He only delivers the twenty sheets, nothing more.

Explain that the aim for each group is to construct the tallest, free-standing tower using only the 20 sheets of paper they are holding. No adhesives can be used, nor can the tower be supported in any way such as leaning against a wall or be propped up in some manner.

Allow ten minutes or more for planning and construction. When the time has elapsed, measure the height of each tower and announce the winner.

Like all group initiatives, allow a few minutes at the end of the exercise to invite your group to reflect back on their experience, especially in regards their planning and decision-making processes.

Moment of Reflection
  • Describe how your team worked together.
  • Did everyone on your team participate equally?
  • How were the different roles assigned on your team?
  • How did your team make decisions about the form of your tower?
  • What would you do differently next time?

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