Build a Story

Build a Story

Build a Story with your team

Build a Story is a creative exercise to develop teamwork skills, facilitate connections and strengthen relationships.

Ask your group to help you create a unique story. Invite a volunteer to step forward, in front of the group.

Ask this volunteer to start by suggesting the opening sentence of a ‘fictional’ story, form example: “I was walking down the street, when suddenly…”

A perfect start to the story because it is simple and leaves a suspense.

Next, invite a second volunteer to step forward and link arms (elbows) with the first person and then offer the second short snippet of the story, which logically follows on from the opening line. Continuing our example, this second person may say “… I saw a massive moose blocking my path…”

Then, a third person steps forward, links elbows with the second person, and adds his or her part of the story. For purposes of flow and enjoyment, encourage your group to always move the story forward, allowing the storyline to progress.

Don’t let your group get too bogged down in the detail.

Person by person, sentence by sentence, the story continues to build until everyone has contributed to the story and formed a physical part of the group. Ideally, if possible, encourage the last few members of your group to bring the story to a natural conclusion.

Moment of Reflection
  • As people were sharing, what did you observe in others? In yourself?
  • What did it feel like to be on the spot to ‘make-up’ a part of the story?
  • Was there any pressure to perform? Why?
  • Where else does this pressure occur in our lives? What impact does it have?
  • What did the little voice in your mind say as you were waiting your turn?
  • What does it take to foster a safe and supportive space in which to create? How often does this occur for you/your group?
  • How did we collaborate or cooperate?
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