Walk Together

Walk Together

The Walk Together Exercise

Walk Together is a dynamic exercise that builds trust in pairs to develop coordination and encourage cooperation.

Invite each person in your group to find a partner, someone of a similar height. Standing side by side, ask each person to lean sideways towards their partner resting on one another’s shoulders.

If necessary, ask a volunteer to introduce themselves so you can demonstrate what the activity looks like. Ask this willing volunteer to stand to one side of you, and then lean sideways towards you, as you do the same to them.

Aim to meet one another’s shoulders so that when viewed from the front or back, the two of you should look a bit like an upside-down V. To accentuate the upside-down V shape, invite people to shift their feet away from their partner as far as they feel comfortable.

Explain that your shared goal is to walk together to some point (from A to B). Mark point A and point B on the playing area.

When ready, explain that each pair should aim to maintain this leaning stance as they walk together.

Encourage partners to test how far they can lean (ie move their feet further away from the centre) as they walk, while still retaining a solid, comfortable stance. Naturally, warn about the dangers of pushing past reasonable boundaries, lest heads smash, and/or bodies collapse to the ground.

Repeat the exercise, swapping partners, and then prepare to reflect as a group.

Moment of Reflection
  • What did you notice as you and your partner travelled together?
  • What did you discover about offering the right amount of support?
  • How might these ideas of support be helpful as we move forward together?
  • What are some ways in which we can care for ourselves and others?
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