Explore the Experience

Explore the Experience

Explore the Experience in Group

Explore the Experience is a simple, open-ended processing strategy to inspire deeper group and personal reflection. This activity is a very powerful technique because it invites the group to keep thinking until they get all the possible answers.

Assemble your group shortly after a shared experience. Announce to everyone that you observed a prescribed number of interactions or events which you believe to be important or significant to explore and discuss in further detail.

Next, challenge your group to think back over the experience, and recount what those events might be, one by one, until all of them have been identified.

Naturally, as each observation is identified, ask the group to explain why you might have labelled it significant. This will push the group to reflect and think more deeply, and beyond the obvious.

If necessary, ask questions to guide your group’s enquiry.

In a small way, you could argue that the focus and effort required to successfully recall events and interactions may speak to the benefits of being mindful and reflect some level of accountability in the group. For example, the effort to view one’s interactions through the eyes of another may lead some people to acknowledge the impact of their actions on others.

Moment of Reflection

At the end of the activity, allow a few minutes for people to share with the large group the benefits of identifying the most significant moments.

  • Are the significant moments the same for everyone?
  • How does my behavior impact the moments of others?
  • How do I feel after doing this mental review?
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