Virtual Debate Club

Virtual Debate Club

The Virtual Debate Club Technique

The virtual debate club encourages members of your team to develop their public speaking skills. It’s a great way of bringing shyer team members out of their shells by practicing silly topics.

This is an excellent technique for communication skills, public speaking, and critical thinking. The duration is 30 minutes.

This is activity can become a regular occurrence as a way of getting your team together. Decide how often and when the debate club will occur and announce this to your team.

At every event, two speakers will be asked to prepare a presentation about a topic, one arguing for and the other arguing against. “Should there be pineapple on pizzas?” Is an example of a light-hearted topic.

Players can use any means necessary to make their points heard including videos, images, graphs, surveys, etc. Once the presentations have ended, the audience must vote for the person they feel best conveyed their argument.

The debate methodology puts people at the center of their learning and provides them with the critical thinking and leadership skills needed to tackle different topics. This is a technique to help them develop key 21st century skills such as confidence, communication, and empathy.

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